Registering for ECON 390

ECON 390 is a research course restricted to IDST students who are in year 4 standing, having ECON as their primary focus, and have met the prerequisite requirements. Please note that Econ 390 needs to be included in IDST program in order to apply to both your IDST program requirements and Faculty of Arts research requirement. 

If you are hoping to take ECON 390 for 2022 winter term, it is recommended that you submit the request form by June 19, 2022. Requests sent after this date will only be processed pending space availability. Please register here.

* When registration reaches 40 per term or the course is already started, we could only register students upon consent given by the course instructor.  

* We will confirm if you have been registered in ECON 390 by July 15th, 2022 for requests sent by June 19, 2022. Please only contact us if you haven’t heard anything by this date. Your patience is appreciated in the meantime.

Note: Please use your UBC email address if available as we’ve had issues receiving emails and submissions from some of the free email services (,, etc.).

Students who:

1) have Econ in their secondary focus area or secondary category, and/or

2) are not in year 4, and/or

3) are not in IDST

will be registered pending seat availability a week before class start date. No waitlist is provided and the remaining seats will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.