Program Revision Form

Please submit changes to your approved program to the IDST Program Chair, via the on-line web form. Once the Program Chair has reviewed your requested changes, he will respond to you via e-mail to either confirm your request, or to book a meeting to discuss your proposed changes. Please read the information below before revising your program:

  • Course registration requests should be communicated with the department offering that course. 
  • Check your degree navigator to confirm your course selection including letters in section ID to avoid mistakes or repetition.
  • Please try to include all course revisions in one form instead of sending multiple forms. 

Links you may find useful:

  • Commerce equivalency charts can be found here.
  • The credit exclusion list for courses with significant overlap can be found here.

Credit regulation:

  • Credits cannot be earned towards your BA degree from upper-level courses taken outside of your approved courses in the Primary Focus area. This means we will not approve upper-level courses (e.g. ECON) outside of the approved ones (e.g. ECON) in your primary focus area.
  • IDST does not allow Cr/D/F of courses within your IDST program 

Please try to submit any changes ASAP as forms submitted close to the add/drop deadline could face delay in response due to high volume of requests received during that period.

Access the Program Change Form. (CWL Login required)

Note: Please use your UBC email address if available as we’ve had issues receiving emails and submissions from some of the free email services (,, etc.).