Program Revision Form

Please submit changes to your approved program to the IDST Program Chair, via the on-line web form. Once the Program Chair has reviewed your requested changes, he will respond to you via e-mail to either confirm your request, or to book a meeting to discuss your proposed changes. Please read the information below before revising your program:

  • IDST ONLY handles registration on Econ 390 pending space availability. Any other course registration requests should be communicated with the department offering that course. 
  • Commerce equivalency charts can be found here.
  • The credit exclusion list for courses with significant overlap can be found here.
  • Credits cannot be earned towards your BA degree from upper-level courses taken outside of your approved courses in the Primary Focus area. This means we will not approve upper-level courses (e.g. ECON) outside of the approved ones (e.g ECON) in your primary focus area. 

*IDST does not allow Cr/D/F of courses within your IDST program 

Access the Program Change Form. (CWL Login required)

Please use your UBC email address if available as we’ve had issues receiving emails and submissions from some of the free email services (,, etc).