Current Students

IDST students are still subject to Faculty of Arts requirements, including the Research Component.

  • A minimum of 72 of the 120 credits required for the Bachelor of Arts degree program must be Arts credit. See Credit Requirements and Regulations
  • As an Arts student, you are eligible to take up to 30 credits over the winter session (32 credits for first-year students) and 14 credits in the summer session. This information can be found here: If you want to increase the amount of credits you are permitted to take per term, review credit limit increase information and eligibility.

While traditional majors usually build Research-applicable courses into their program requirements, IDST students may take any approved course, even if its credits only count towards your electives. While it’s recommended that you complete a Research course as part of your primary category, such courses for some disciplines are restricted or have limited capacity; below, we’ve collected some suggestions for alternatives if you’re having trouble finding available courses.

  • Anthropology (e.g. ANTH 317 or 402)
  • Art History (e.g. ARTH432, Art of the Middle Ages, and ARTH459, Seminar in Chinese Art)
  • Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies
  • CDST (Canadian Studies) 450
  • Geography
  • History (contact the Department about registration)
  • Philosophy (e.g. PHIL 426 – probably one to approach with previous experience in upper-level PHIL courses!)
  • PSYC 217 (registration in this course is restricted, so please contact IDST Advising to allow you to register)