Graduation Photo

Congrats! You have worked hard to come this far. 

Although there is no central office for IDST to showcase composite photos on the walls from our amazing graduates, we welcome alumni to share their graduation photo with testimony which we’re hoping to post to IDST website’s alumni page which will be published when ready.    

If you are wondering where to get graduation photos, you may find this article helpful:

Please note that graduation photos are done via third party photography agencies. If you see some academic programs having a specific agency listed in their notification, it is not that the academic program is administering the process but because the academic program will receive a complimentary group photo for that graduation batch to hang on their office wall. Since IDST is an interdisciplinary studies program across faculties without a central office space for such group photos, our graduates are suggested to contact photography companies directly for graduation photos.

Congratulations again and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!