Eligibility Requirements

To be admitted to the Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. Program, students must be in good standing in the Faculty of Arts with eligibility to register in courses in the session for which they are applying, and must also have done the following:

  • attained third-year standing (i.e., completed at least 54 credits toward the Bachelor of Arts degree)
  • satisfied the Writing (e.g., WRDS 150 or ENGL 100) portion of the Faculty of Arts Writing and Research Requirement
  • demonstrated evidence of their readiness for independent study by: obtaining an overall average of at least 60%; earning a steadily improving average after a difficult start to their undergraduate career; or showing particular strength in those subjects chosen for their interdisciplinary coursework


Things to consider in preparing your application:

 Think about your academic goals (personal and professional).

  • Ask yourself how particular areas of study will play a role in achieving these goals. This will prepare you for the short program statement that you are required to provide on page two of your application form.

Decide on your Primary and Secondary Categories, draft a possible plan of coursework.

  • At this stage, you may not have clearly in mind every individual course that you want to take, but you should be developing a sense of the subjects that you want to study and the kinds of courses that are making those subjects attractive to you.
  • Review the coursework you’ve already completed and look for areas of particular interest. Courses already completed at the 300- and 400-levels may count toward your IDST program if they fit into the overall program plan you have designed.


Primary Category
30 credits from upper-level courses in total

18 credits from courses in a single discipline
12 credits from courses within the Primary Category, but outside the single Discipline


Secondary Category
12 credits from upper-level courses
in any Disciplines within one of the other three Categories


Applications will be evaluated as received by the IDST Program Chair.