Will getting an interdisciplinary degree mean that I will have no job skills?

Quite the opposite is actually the case. Many academics and employers are now lauding the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to undergraduate studies. Thomas Homer Dixon, author of the Ingenuity Gap, speaks at great length about the benefits of integrated Arts degrees. He mentions that solutions for increasingly connected and complex world problems will come from people that have the skills of synthesizing many fields of knowledge into practical solutions. Employers also appreciate the diverse training an interdisciplinary program offers. In an era of increased specialization, workers with the ability to be flexible and creative on the job are becoming far more useful than workers with inflexible specializations who are often unable to think outside of their own particular area of expertise.

Will having an Interdisciplinary Studies BA on my transcript affect my chances of being accepted into graduate school?
Without question, yes.

    • Many graduate schools have very specific requirements, depending on the area for which you are trying to qualify. In general, graduate programs require not only majors in particular areas, but more than the usual 30 credits in one area of study.
    • Others are more open to students with an interdisciplinary background; there is even one interesting example among the sample IDST programmes.  But like this individual’s programme, they are usually quite specialized and have primarily a professional, rather than an academic focus (e.g., in areas such as Architecture, Education, Law, Library and Information Studies, Journalism or Medicine), rather than in Arts fields like Economics, English or History, for example).
    • If you are interested in a particular area of post degree study, you should research the kinds of graduate programs offered and find out the necessary requirements for admission. You should then plan your IDST program with the requirements in mind, and consult the calendars or guides produced by the professional schools or institutions to which you may be applying.


What will it say on my transcript after I have graduated?

Bachelor of Arts

Interdisciplinary Studies

Class:  1  or  2  or P

Granted:  Month  Day  Year